All about breeding

Just to be crystal clear about my conditions, here they come :

1. A pup costs 1050€
What do you get for that price?:

• the pup... good start!
• my +30 years of experience!
• parents of good bloodlines, tested on sheep or working sheep and trialling, best guarantee that your pup will become a good worker, whatever canine discipline you choose to train him for (and we have them working in many disciplines).
• parents tested for health problems (DNA tests and other...)
• pup registered FCI + ISDS.
• pup parentage tested. You can be sure he is from the parents mentioned on the pedigree.
• ISDS registration with CEA status Normal (if both parents Normal of course!). This assures you that your pup will
never be affected by CEA, and you avoid further DNA testing (180 dollars!)
• pup with DNA profile (avoids further cost of 40€... up to 99€ • plus fee of the vet of course!).
• legal contract concerning guarantees the breeder has to offer...
but my guarantee goes beyond the legal guarantees!
• guidance of the buyer before, during and after you buy a pup here!

2. My studdogs

• Udale Coal (FCI + ISDS)
• Blukbos Phil (FCI + ISDS)
• Maeglin Luke (Kelpie • FCI + WKC)
Pedigrees and health tests available on this site.
Stud fee of 300€ + 100€ per pup.


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