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Our Story

From the start, in 1983, I decided to breed only with dogs that came from bloodlines that were closely connected with sheepwork and/or trialling. Ever since then, both sire and dam that I used for breeding had to work sheep. 

The result has been very satisfying and people like my dogs for their will to please and eagerness to ‘work’. This may be work on sheep, agility, obedience, frisbee, fly-ball, search and rescue, even police work, etc. etc. Some have excelled in different canine sports, competing at the highest level (World Championship) in for example agility and obedience at the same time. Don’t tell me dogs can’t switch from one discipline to another! 

As to health, my dogs are tested with the latest DNA tests and other tests. Pups leave here with the best expectancy of long life and good health!

Studying the Border Collie in all its aspects, good bloodlines carry my interest above all. I have composed my personal database of over 12.000 dogs, looking back, and forward, for more than one generation..

You will find beautiful looking Maeglin Border Collies around the world, but our selection process concentrates on Border Collies for their working ability and character, staying loyal to the ISDS-motto :


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