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Maeglin Walk 2024

Save the date!

We planned another Maeglin-Walk at the 3rd of March 2024.

For who?.. For all of you that own a Maeglin dog, are interest in Maeglin dogs, or know a Maeglin dog! Everybody is welcome!

Maeglin Walk 2024

Another Maeglin walk is planned!

We would love to see you on Sunday, March 3, 2024 at 1 p.m. at “Het Vaneleke” Witte-keiweg 1, 2330 Merksplas, Belgium. For who wants there will be soup (€5,-) & frikadellen with krieken (€9,-) available upon arrival. The planned route starts afterwords and is +/- 6.2 km, enthusiast walkers can add a loop by starting at 11 am and walking the 'Stienepad', this route is approximately 6.6 km extra.

After the walk we can have a drink at Het Vaneleke.

Please let us know (e-mail/whatsapp/phonecall) before the 11th of Feb 2024 if you are coming and with how many people? We hope for a big turnout again with many Maeglins! Ofcourse also if you only come for lunch or only for the walk, with or without (Maeglin)dog, you are very welcome!

P.s. Dogs are welcome at Het Vaneleke, but given the large number of people and dogs, it is nice if your dog can stay comfortably in the car before/after the walk.

See you soon!

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